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What is Marrakech Airport Lounge used for?

We at Marrakech airport lounge do understand that it takes patience and time to go through any airport. You can’t arrive thirty minutes early because that’s just not enough time, and you also can’t arrive 3 hours early because then again that’s too much time. But what if we told you that you’ll be using that time to your advantage, not only that but you’ll enjoy your time arriving early at our Marrakech airport lounge, which is something you never thought you would experience at an airport.By booking our Marrakech airport lounge you get many luxurious advantages ranging from premium alcohol and delicious food to fast WiFi and hot showers.

Marrakech airport vip lounge

Relax and unwind when you’re a guest at our Marrakech airport vip lounge. Make use of the priority pass and skip the long and boring lines, instead, you will be using our priority pass.

What’s more refreshing than having a nice and relaxing shower after a long and tiring flight, sometimes its the only thing you need after a long flight, so grab a refreshing shower and relax a little. Or grab a bite to eat at our luxurious restaurants with different cuisines and delicious food which is something that’s considered a luxury at airports.

Get here ahead of time to enjoy our complimentary cocktails and get a taste of our premium alcohol and have a nice and relaxing flight. You could also use our business centres to catch up with previous work, or even get started on new work, our comfortable business centre certainly offers you that opportunity and even more, so you can get all your work done and do so while at ease.

When you gain lounge access to Marrakech airport lounge you also get access to a free and fast WiFi, and that of course is the secret key to happiness.

Fast Track  Marrakech

Waiting in lines and not being able to enjoy your airport experience because of all the fuss that’s going on is not an issue anymore, fast track Marrakech is the ultimate solution for all of that, a place where you can relax and unwind, get work done or just hang out at before your flight takes off.
At our Marrakech airport lounge you can enjoy our complimentary drinks and our premium alcohol while waiting for your next flight, or you can get your work done at our business centres
bothered by nobody, as well as making use of our free and fast WiFi service, also, you can charge your electronic gadgets so you can leave for your destination at ease.

When should i use Marrakech Airport Lounge?

Yes,should. Our Marrakech airport lounge is a necessity whether you’re flying for business or pleasure you’ll love spending time here.

Get here first to enjoy more

The era of stressing about flying and getting everything done at the last minute is over. Arrive early and relax at our Marrakech airport lounge to get everything in order and fly at ease.

Surprise your kids

Give the little ones a little play time to release their energy and to peacefully enjoy the flight. By booking our lounge with kids rooms.

Freshen up after a long flight

Have a nice and replenishing shower in our Marrakech airport lounge to get ready for whatever comes next!

Spending money wisely

Spend less money on all-inclusive necessities rather than purchasing over-priced items in the terminal.


Something un-planned occurred? no reason to worry. Marrakech airport lounge is a quiet and it only takes minutes to make you feel completely relaxed.


The Marrakech airport lounge offers complimentary luxuries such as selected alcohol and succulent meals as well as fast WiFi, refreshing showers and business centres.


By reserving a quiet space you can complete your previous work…or start on it, either way, our equipped private spaces include fast WiFi and charging stations.

What does Marrakech airport lounge offer?

Our lounge is equipped with every necessity you would need whether you were in a rush trying to cope with stress or work in the nick of time or you feel like relaxing before your flight,
our lounge has it all!

Calm and relaxing
Complimentary food
Fine wine
Comfy chairs
Complimentary cocktails
Perfect WiFi
Business centres
And more

How can I get access?

Marrakech Airport Lounge

Book access on-demand, only when you need it. From 35€.

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