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Here’s a little something about Marrakech airport lounge

Our Marrakech airport lounge is located in the Menara airport in Marrakech. And here we’re determined to make you feel at ease. There are countless events that can occur and result in plans crashing and we get that, even a single plan might fall off and ruin the rest of your day and you’ll be stuck in the airport not knowing where to go or what to do, well now you do! come by and enjoy our complimentary and delicious food and relax while sitting on our comfy mini sofas ( we do have regular sofas but the mini ones are honestly more comfy). Experience premium alcohol and enjoy our selected wine and free cocktails. No internet? no problem! use our fast WiFi and check your messages or recharge your phone at our business centre.

You can also use or Marrakech airport lounge in other ways. Say you got a couple of hours to kill before your flight, sitting in the airport seat does not sound ideal and refreshments in the terminal and quite over-priced, forget all of that and come enjoy our lounge before your plane takes off. Trust us, nothing beats enjoying your time immediately before flying.

Another possibility is being absolutely knackered after a flight, and you’d love nothing more than a nourishing shower and a delicious bite to eat. Check, and check! our Marrakech airport lounge has all of that and much more.

No more wasting time hoping there’s a free WiFi nearby or paying too much money for snacks, Marrakech airport lounge has all of that covered. We’d love to have you here.