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We cater to all types of travellers. Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, or with your family, you will definitely enjoy our tailored-to-need services. And the cherry on top, our prices are reasonable and fair. 

We offer the best prices available and a reliable team that’ll guide you through the airport.

Departures - Get there on time!

Sometimes, even before! You will be met at your terminal’s entrance. Your concierge will escort you through check-in, customs and immigration, and security. You’re welcome, and we’re happy for you!

Baggage assistance

You will be escorted to your airline’s check-in area and you will be assisted with your luggage. You may ask your agent to give you a hand or have them depose it at the airport’s wrapping station. They’ll be secure, handled with delicacy, and you can wander the airport without worrying about a thing!

VAT refunds

We can do it all! Getting your VAT refunds for you is included in our Fast Track Casablanca. You’ll have the chance to go through the airport without any hassles, hurdles, or stress. We simplify everything, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have all the time you need.


Depending on your airline and frequent flyer status, the fastest check-in option will be determined. Priority and private check-in counters may be included - if available. Fast Track Casablanca will accompany you even more hastily, and heartily.

Duty-free shopping assistance

Your shopping experience at the airport doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll make it joyous, easy, and most importantly, tailored. Your Casablanca Fast Track agent will assist you with your duty-free shopping, and you’ll have a leisurely time.

Customs clearance and immigration

Security, immigration, and customs clearance will be expedited thanks to your agent. If things get urgent, then we’ll gladly escort you through exclusive lines. You’ll travel fast and light.

Escort to gate

You will be escorted to your gate without having to worry about queues and standing in lines. Everything goes on swiftly and smoothly. You’ll arrive on time and you’ll be left feeling satisfied.

Gate escort

Starting from 17 Euros, you will be escorted to the main lounge. Delight in our Casablanca lounge access and in cocktails as you wait for your flight.

Connections - Fast, reliable, and amusing

Your concierge will meet with you at the air-bridge, and you will be assisted through transfer and connection formalities. You will be catered to, and helped no matter what situation we happen to be in. If you can not afford any time, then you’ll be whisked hastily and taken through all procedures. If time is on our side, and you may ask your agent to escort you to a lounge.

Transfer Assistance

The time between your flights is taken into account, and everything will be planned efficiently. You will either make use of the extra time and relax at a lounge or escorted with haste and make your flight on sufficient time.

Customs, baggage, and security

Expect everything to be done with - quickly. Regardless of your flight type, your agent will assist you with your luggage. Customs and security will be expedited, and going through the airport is going to be a walk in the park.

Lounge and gate escort

Relaxing at a lounge is certainly amusing. You will be escorted where you can unwind and spend your time at ease. Casablanca Fast Track will make you enjoy your airport experience for a change. (Entrance fees not included).

Arrivals - You’ll love your stay

Your Casablanca Fast Track concierge will escort you throughout the airport after meeting you. You will be assisted with baggage claim, customs procedures, security, transit, immigration, and they will check you in. You may ask your agent to escort you to the lounge if the time permits.

Fast-track immigration

Expect all procedures to be expedited. You will be taken through immigration in a matter of minutes, leaving you plenty of time to do pleasurable and relaxing activities at the lounge.

Porter service

When asked for assistance with your luggage, your Casablanca Fast Track concierge will lend you a literal helping hand. A hassle-free, productive journey is ahead, and you’ve got all the time in the world

Customs control

Our well-informed and knowledgeable staff will guide you through. They’ll do the hard, boring work instead, and you admire the airport and enjoy fast and productive travels.

Ground transportation

You will be arranged with safe ground transportation. It all depends on your preferences and budget. There’s a modern, air-conditioned, skilfully driven vehicle for everyone!