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Dealing with connecting flights has never been so easy. With Casablanca fast track you will start to enjoy your flights for a change and your stress levels won’t go up anymore. Whether your flight is Domestic-to-international, International-to-domestic, or international-to-international, Casablanca fast track will assist you with everything you need – in a timely manner.

Casablanca fast track will provide you with terminal transfer assistance. Your time between flights will be taken into account and you will be notified accordingly when there is just enough time left for your flight. We have been doing this for a while and our agents are professional enough to know how much time you need. We recommend one thing and one thing only, relax and let us take the wheel.

Your Casablanca fast track agent will re-check your baggage for you and expedite any necessary security, customs, and procedures for you. Doesn’t matter where you’re transferring, what matters is, is there anything you need. Your Casablanca fast track agent will also escort you to a lounge if needed. Our Casablanca airport lounge will be a perfect haven for you. Spend your time enjoying our complimentary cocktails and grab a bite to eat meanwhile.

You won’t spend your time doing nonsense anymore at an airport wondering if time could go any slower. From now on you will be having a comfortable flight and a really nice time doing things that actually entertain you and not bore you to death.

In summation, its ‘ Whisk, whisk, complimentary drinks, whisk, have a safe flight’. As luxuriously simple as our services, so are your future flights. Stress no more, and wait in line no more.