Need help? Call us on +212 660 979 393

How is fast-track immigration guaranteed?
fast track Casablanca has full access to a separate fast-track immigration line.

Can I use a different name for the pickup sign?
Absolutely! If you would like to have a different name from your own for the pickup sign, you only have to include your request at your reservation form.

How does my fast track Casablanca agent find me?
Your fast track Casablanca agent will meet you at your gate, the agent will be holding a sign with your chosen name and help you with your arrival service. For our departure service, our fast track Casablanca agent will meet you at your terminal. You will be called ahead of time in order to find out when you’ll be arriving, and they will request a call from you when you’re ten minutes away from the airport.

Can I book fast track Casablanca for someone other than myself?
You sure can! All you have to do is enter the passenger’s information when you log in to your account. Please make sure to update the trip contact in the booking process if the itinerary and confirmation are meant for another person.

What if my fast track Casablanca agent is not present?
That has never happened to in the history of fast track Casablanca. However, if you can’t find your fast track Casablanca agent you can contact us at the following numbers:
+212 688 58 61 61 or +212 524 448 275

Do you serve airports other than the one in Casablanca?
For the time being, we’re perfecting the Casablanca airport experience. If you require our services at another airport, please contact us and we’ll make sure to do our best!

How do I book my fast track Casablanca?
It has never been more simple to do so, Simply click *here* and you’ll book your fast-track in no time!

Does fast track Casablanca offer ground transportation?
Yes! you can book your fast track Casablanca professional driver service.

What is fast track Casablanca?
fast track Casablanca offers VIP airport concierge services in Casablanca. We will help you get through security and immigration in the quickest and most efficient way. You will be assisted with your baggage ( if you required it ) and guided throughout your airport journey, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, our fast track Casablanca team will gladly escort you. The whole group and every member of your family will enjoy our flawless service.